Witch Ana: Love spells

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

If you refuse to order a love spell

It is already clear what you get if you order a love spell. You enjoy the wonderful effects of the spell.

And what happens if you ask a witch for diagnostics and tarot reading but in the end refuse to take up the spell?

Today I’m going to tell you about that.

We can divide such people into two categories.

People who decide not to order a spell because of a fear to do something wrong, to break somebody’s will etc. This is the frist category.

The second category consists of those people who make some steps toward their goal, but at the stage of offering the price for the work start to doubt and finally refuse form doing ordering it at all.

Let’s imagine the situation when you take a taxi and set forward. And then as soon as you start talking about money you refuse to pay. So, you have to leave the car. Do you think that after that the taxi driver thinks good of you?

Sometimes stingy people look extremely ridiculous. For instance, some days ago I got a letter from one lady, wishing to bring her love back. She was saying she could not live without him and wanted to commit suicide. When I asked her about the price she was ready to pay for her dream coming true she offred 30 dollars. Do you think this price relects the real importance of that issue?

The most important thing people need to know is that the money you save having underpaid the witch will not bring you luck and happiness. 

Why? I will tell you later. Email me: tarot.reader1@gmail.com


  1. In many cases, money spent on consulting some tarot is money well spent. on the other hand, if the practitioner is dishonest, then the client might end up getting less than what his cash is worth. :)

  2. Indeed love spells helps but some people wants them for free and then they go around saying that <a href='http://www.afrohealer.co.za">magic spells</a> are not working