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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

If you refuse to order a love spell

It is already clear what you get if you order a love spell. You enjoy the wonderful effects of the spell.

And what happens if you ask a witch for diagnostics and tarot reading but in the end refuse to take up the spell?

Today I’m going to tell you about that.

We can divide such people into two categories.

People who decide not to order a spell because of a fear to do something wrong, to break somebody’s will etc. This is the frist category.

The second category consists of those people who make some steps toward their goal, but at the stage of offering the price for the work start to doubt and finally refuse form doing ordering it at all.

Let’s imagine the situation when you take a taxi and set forward. And then as soon as you start talking about money you refuse to pay. So, you have to leave the car. Do you think that after that the taxi driver thinks good of you?

Sometimes stingy people look extremely ridiculous. For instance, some days ago I got a letter from one lady, wishing to bring her love back. She was saying she could not live without him and wanted to commit suicide. When I asked her about the price she was ready to pay for her dream coming true she offred 30 dollars. Do you think this price relects the real importance of that issue?

The most important thing people need to know is that the money you save having underpaid the witch will not bring you luck and happiness. 

Why? I will tell you later. Email me: tarot.reader1@gmail.com

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Family curse: how to define if you have it

One of the common issues a witch has to deal with is a family curse. It may seem surprising, but at least 30% of people in Western Europe and the USA have it. Here I offer a test which will help you to define if you have it.

Answer the following questions:

1. You do not know the names of your ancestors to the fifth branch

2. There is a partition of inheritance in your family and you are at suit with your family

3. There are a lot of prisoners in your family

4. There are a lot of widows and widowers in your faily

5. There are beggars and very poor memers in your family

6. There are alcoholics, drug addicts in a family

7. There are suiciders

8. There are infertile couples

9. There is oncology

10. There are mentally disabled

11. There are lonely people

12. There are still-born children in a family

But it is very important to know that almost any curse can be removed. Only a powerful witch can do it properly. You can send me your photo, full name and date of birth and you will get my free consultation regarding this issue. My address is tarot.reader1@gmail.com

Even three positive answers to these question show that the family curse is 100% availbale.
Source http://mandragora.webng.com/

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Payment in witchcraft

You want a spell to be cast for you. How much do you think it costs? How much do you think it should cost?

Today I'm going to tell you about my policy which I inherited form my mother, grandmother and gtreat-grandmother and from my teacher in Eastern Europe. And you will have an opportunity to compare it to other you have experienced.

This principle might seem very surprising and strange, but it  entirely reflects the laws of energy in the world and hence it is absolutely correct and efficient.

A witch must not charge fixed amounts of money. Never! The client who wants the work to be done on his behalf and wants to get some visible results in his life must estimate the importance of the issue himself! He must offer the price that reflects the importance of the issue for him, comparable to his financial state, status etc. Only then the unseen world estimated your sacrifice and starts performing your wish accordingly.

That is why the spell purchased in a kind of internet shop is not effective. They ask you to pay fixed prices without any personal contact with a witch who acts as a mediator between you and the unseen world. You do not make a real contribution to the world of spirit!

Be wise and thoughtful and you will be happy!

Dangerous mistakes in witchcraft practice

I think this is a very important issue for those who want to build their future with the help of witchcraft.

First of all do not rely on magic manuals, books that teach you how to cast spells on your own. That is dangerous. Noone can become a Paganin after only bying the notes. Only a master can do the spell casting well - without side effects, backfire and many other things that may follow a love spell.

A master knows that before starting the process of spell casting it is very importnat to make a comprehensive analysis of the situation. A real witch asks you to send your recent photo, date of birth and full name. This information is necessary to see what and who is destined to you, what your strong and weak points are, what is going to happen in the nearest future and many other things that help a witch  choose the best way to help you.

But the most important thing is to find out if there are  previous magical influences on you. You might not know about that. You might not know that your freind, your ex, your great-grandmother, your aunt, mother-in-law has done something for you, either positive or negative. And you might not know what conseuqences it will bring to life.

So, before you start changin goyur life and sart pulling in the development and events you want to happen, please, make sure that all the previous influences are specified and taken into account. If a witch does not do that be careful. Her work may be useless or even harmful! And it bring a real danger.

Some days ago I received a letter from a guy looking for magical help. he told me he had a fledgiling business adn lots of plans for the future. One day decided to ask a spell caster to help him draw the money into his life and fend a soul mate. The witch promised all the best in 7 days. Strange, isn't it?

As a result the guy has lost everything, started taking drugs and his relationship ended. After I analysed the situation I found out that he was affected by a curse and noone has ever tried to remove it before helping him!!!

So, I started with the curse removal, then I put the protection, made an amulet for him and cast a spell for his business, love and prosperity.

Be careful and find a real witch to help you!!!


Sunday, 7 June 2009

How ladies bewitch engineers

Some days ago I received a letter from a guy looking for magic help. I am demonsatrating it to show how a love spell works. So here is the letter:

“I seem to be affected by a love spell. I don’t mind going out with the girl who did it but she is suppressing me. I am 28 and she is 17, her mother is a bit of a witch (once she made boast of it and offered her services but I refused as I believe in God and myself). I did not like her at all and I told my brother about it (he dated her then) and she started visiting me, not him (we are neighbours), he is jealous and does nuts – I was trying to becalm him, I often made peace when they quarreled. But then something happened and I started raving over her, I go out of mind. I always liked tall brunettes, intelligent and business-like, and she is small, infantile, blonde having no goal in life. I have a mess at work, friends are laughing at me and calling me a pedophile and I try to have quarrels with her for not to see her.
A week ago my mother made me visit a witch. She looked at her cards and was giving mouth that I will be happy and all that rubbish. How can I be happpy if I am like a zombi when Vikky is nearby, I turn into a dull mush-head – I can’t say “No!” to her, I realize it but this is like hypnosis, I feel that my will is broken!!!!!! Help, me!!!!
Date of birth 12.10.1976. I am an engineer, quite well-off, have my own business. ”

From Anna: That is classics!!! Just a perfect illustration for a magic manual! And the main object of illustration is an engineer, who believes “in God and himself”.

Source http://mandragora.webng.com

Thursday, 4 June 2009

About love spells

I think this subject is very topical as even people who practise witchcraft do not stop asking me: “Are there any negative consequences of a love spell? Does the health worsen, is my business in danger, are there any side effects? I don’t want to break his/her will etc”. 

It is very important to clarify this point. 

So, I am going to tell you the truth about love spells.

The person who orders a spell is usually called the owner of the spell. A person affected is usually called the object of the spell.

A love spell arouses the constant desire of the person under the spell to be near its owner. Some love spells provide the possibility to have sex only with one person (its owner). I call them sex spells.

Sometimes after love spell is put the object may actually abandon business, start drinkig or taking drugs and show all signs of love and affection towards you being cross-eyed drunk. Why does it happen?

It is very simple. For example, John and his business are affected by a black spell or evil eye. Some ill-wishers do not like him being succcessful. After that his secretary Mary puts a love spell on him. And his business starts collapsing. 

If Mary had come to a professional spell caster that profesisonal person would have removed the negative influence from John first and then would have put a love sepll on him. And then he would have shown all signs of love and affection and would have been filling their single bank account. 

But Mary did not want to spend money on that, so she found a spell on a website and gave her menstrual fluids to John to drink, molded the photos of John and her with the help of wax and the process started – the business is collapsing, John started taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Then Mary tells her friend that she has performed the magic ritual herself and her friend says that she has read something about the danger and harm of love spells. 

But there is another way, the correct one. Mary comes to a professional witch who informs her that there is a negative influence on John ( black spell, evil eye or even a curse). She also informs Mary that if the negative influence is not removed the love spell is dangerous and she shouldn’t take it up. Mary is not stingy, so she orders the removal of the negatives from John and then she orders a love spell. After some time the love spell strats working and John adores Mary and the business is flourishing. 

And one more thing. A person who orders a love spell is not allowed to tell anybody about it. That is why people don’t often get to learn about successful love spells. You need to know that sometimes the result can become visible only in some months, so if you don’t get it in two days don’t haste to say that it was not successful.

Make the magic your helper and friend and bring wise and smart people into the world!!!

Source http://mandragora.webng.com/

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Would you like a free tarot reading?

Dear friends,

My name’s Anna and I am a professional Tarot Reader. My destinaion is helping people and I do free tarot readings for everyne willing to change his/her life for the better and make our world a better place!

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I can help you with that. In order to solve the problem you need to find out what causes that problem. It is necessary to look at the closed layers of information that exists in the world. And it can be done with the help of Tarot.

I get the information we need from the subtle world. And only after that I apply magic to change the situation for the better.

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